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SM1 Switchmaster Tm Switch Machines


SM1 Switchmaster Tm Switch Machines



SM1 Switchmaster Tm Switch Machines These are NEW machines in original packets being sold on behalf, Normal Retail is $32.00

Simplicity is the key to this machine whether mounting it or wiring it. Installation does not require precise adjustments, so one trip under the layout is all you need.

Constant current to the switch machine offers a number of important advantages. The switch machine firmly presses the point rails against the outside rails for positive contact. Operationally, you eliminate the chance a point rail will open and cause a derailment. Electrically, it provides a tight contact with the electrically powered outside rail, eliminating the need for jumpers and contact switches to power the point rail in most installations. If you do need to power route your frog, it's not a problem, as an optional micro-switch (our #1101, PR-1) is available. If you are running large O-scale trains we recommend using the PR-1 to operate a power relay.

The other important advantage is that constant current to the motor allows you to wire your control panel indicator lights and block signals from the same current powering your switch machine! No more separate power sources to power each element, no more auxiliary contact switches, and no more complicated wiring schemes!

Of course, you can use these machines with Digital Command Control systems as long as your turnouts are compatible. You can even use DCC to control the turnouts.


Because this switch machine is so easy to install, it is the perfect choice when upgrading your layout. The linkage (included) requires only a 1/16" hole- which can be drilled with your turnout in place. Or it can be completely hidden away underneath before installation

It really is easy to install a SwitchMaster, just drill a couple holes, install the linkage, two screws and some simple wiring. Don't make it more complicated than it is! No fine adjustment is required.

SwitchMaster motors actually operate on just 3 volt DC. A 1200 ohm resistor is included for 12-voltSlow operation. Sometimes it is necessary to adjust this resistor to fit your particular power supply or use a "Kick Switch" to give it an extra nudge and prolong its lifespan.

Mounting template included with each machine.