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EB1 Short Circuit Protection Unit

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EB1 Short Circuit Protection Unit

Taking Orders


Provides short circuit protection for one power district. Can be used with most DCC systems. This is not recommended for use with the Power Cab. For the Powercab use a CP6!

You can have a short circuit in a decoder but there is no guarantee it will trip a DCC circuit breaker or shutdown a booster.

 Myth:  DCC circuit breakers protect decoders.

 Fact:  DCC circuit breaker protect boosters.

 The goal of the DCC circuit break is to protect THE BOOSTER by isolating the short locally within the breakers power district so the booster can remain powering the OTHER power districts to keep the other parts of the layout running.

 For the DCC circuit breaker to act, a short circuit has to meet specific criteria.

 a) The short circuit current must be above the trip point of the DCC circuit breaker.

b) The short circuit current must last for a period of time.

There is nothing in the design of a given decoder that is designed to comply with these requirements when they fail.  Failure is not a design parameter.

 For the Powercab Starter Set you are limited to the CP6 ONLY.

ALL other boosters and command stations can use the CP6 or the EB1.

*** Note - If you have a Powercab and a Booster remember that the Booster is now what is running trains NOT the Powercab.