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​Hare™ New Generation Stationary Decoder ​AHD Speakers, Enclosures 
​NCE RB-02 and Repeater Review   ​AHD RRampMeter Intro ​Speakers & Enclosures Comparison, Pictures
​NCE Decoder Manuals (Pdf's) ​​AHD RRampMeter Application Notes, Helpful Hints  ​Miniatronics Electrak Clean II
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​Tortoise™ Manual (PDF - 199 kB) ​How to Rescue a Faulty Decoder
​Comparison Tortoise™ vs Switch Tender ​Guide to Auto Reversers for DCC

​DCC Specialties PowerPax Programming Booster ​Broadway Ltd Tech Tips  
CMX Clean Machine Info
​CMX Clean Machine Pictures ​CMX Clean Machine Manual
​Wire Sizes to Use in DCC 

Decoder List - Which decoder to use!

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