NCE Decoders

Resetting NCE decoders with the 1998 software.

The NCE and System One have the ability to reset a decoder back to its factory defaults.

Should at any time a decoder become non-responsive or behave erratically this is the best course of action.

The screen on the Pro-Cab actually has a 4 line display but can only display 2 lines at a time. The other is hidden and is accessed thru the "EXP"button at the base. Pressing this button will flip to the next screen. Currently the only one having a additional screen is the "PROGRAMMING"menu.

To reset a decoder place it on the programming track and enter the "PROGRAMMING" menu. You will see the standard first menu , hit the "EXP"button and the screen will display 2 new options.

Option 4 will reprogram the decoder, hit 1 = YES and you will then see a set of CV's roll by on the screen wait till this is complete.

Currently the software dose not support some of the special CV's added for the SR range of decoders, this will be added with the next software upgrade. To overcome this, select "2 = CV" and reprogram CV5,6,9,95 to zero.

Light operation with NCE decoders in consists

All decoder with a software version of 3.5 or greater require that CV21 & 22 be set to 0. This prevents the lights reacting to instructions set to the lead locomotive for function F0 upwards.

With the NCE system fitted with the 2004 upgrade this is not required, just enter SET CMD Station on the programmer and at the eight page "Send function to Con" set to 0, continue to hit enter till you return to the normal screen.