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Fixing BlueLine Decoder Programming Woes

Bachmann DCC and NCE decoders. - Updated 25.05.05

Bachmann has released a entry level DCC system to the market, to simplify the programming developed a procedure not currently used by other manufacturers. For reasons not clear it would appear that Bachmann committed to manufacture before realizing this.

According to Jim at NCE this means that when attempting to program a engine equipped with a NMRA comparable decoder such as the NCE all locomotives on the system will respond to that broadcast.

The simplest solution is to remove ALL locomotive [s] not begin programmed by the system from the track, program that one locomotive. All locomotive [s] can now be placed back on the track, the problem is in the method not the addressing.

All NCE decoder support baseline programming.

Direct Current [DC] operation on NCE decoders. - Updated 15.07.05

DC capability is one of the features that a manufacturer of a NMRA compatible decoder can incorporate into a decoder, this feature was originally made available to facilitate the introduction of DCC to the modeller.

The NCE Ver. 3.5 decoder’s feature improved DC capability over previous versions.

It is important that the modeller intending to use this feature understand how it will operate and the limitations.

The first consideration in selection a suitable throttle for use with a DCC decoder to run using DC - the power supply to the track must provide a smooth DC for reliable operation and any form of ripple can be interpreted by the decoder as a form of signal that may prevent the changeover to DC operation and sensitivity will vary from decoder to decoder in any layout.

Note: By default the auto switching to DC operation is turned off in all NCE decoders. The DC on feature can be a source or runaways when operating on a DCC equipped layout. The MRRC recommends that this feature be turned on when required to operate on a DC layout.

A simple filter can be added to any DC throttle by fitting additional filtering as per the attached photo. Throttles that use a Pulse Width Modulated output for DC operation can be considered unsuitable, but before any modifications to your throttle are undertaken you should consult the manufacturer for their recommendations.

Operation of the decoder on a DC layout.

The NCE decoder has to be provided with about 6 + volts for a few seconds initially, this provides the decoder with the necessary power to change from DCC to DC operation.

The throttle should now be closed, direction selected and opened as normal. The engine will begin to move at about 25% throttle, you still have to operate the decoder, change direction as per normal.

If the power is reduced to zero for a period the decoder will reset itself to DCC mode, if so the decoder start-up will have to be repeated.

One of the nice things that can be done with a decoder is to turn on the headlight with a DCC system, and when powered up in DC the light will operate, additionally if a FX feature is assign to that output it will be present during DC operation. [Thanks to the boys from the NSW Epping Model RR Club]

NCE Pro, Pro R, PowerCAB is C-Ticked - N12668
Equipment has been tested as required using one or all the following standards, AS/NZS 4268:2003 - AS/NZS CISPR 22:2004 - ACA Class 2000.

Power supply's are approved types for Australia/New Zealand and are C-ticked by their respective suppliers.