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DCP-CDU-2 Integrated CDU Unit Dual High Power CDUs Super High Power


DCP-CDU-2 Integrated CDU Unit Dual High Power CDUs Super High Power



DCP-CDU-2 Integrated CDU Unit Dual High Power CDUs Super High Power

Integrated CDU Unit Dual High Power CDUs. Super High Power. No need for an additional power supply – connect directly to mains!

Cobalt CDU-2 is a mains powered CDU. Because we have matched power supply and CDU perfectly, recovery time is super short and power available is almost unlimited making the Cobalt CDU-2 able to guarantee performance every time.

The CDU 2+ was created to power all brands of high current solenoids, even in multiples. This manual shows both the “conventional” way of setting it up as well as some alternatives that utilise the dual output. For wiring, we recommend our DCW-PW25  Plaited Solenoid Connection Wire. In addition to making wiring neat and tidy, the plaiting of the three wires greatly reduces induction within the wire. This not only increases power delivery but, because it reduces the high voltage spike that happens each time the solenoid coil power is released, it also helps to extend the life of the switches and increase reliability.

Mains lead power   SocketPower onIndicatorMains FuseCDU-A Output Status  LEDCDU-B Output Status LEDOutputConnections

This wiring method shares the load between CDU-A and CDU-B. That way even with rapid-fire activity from software or a DCC system’s macros,  solenoids will work every time. The push button switches can be any common NO  (normally off) type as commonly used in model railways. This example was created using PECO PL10 solenoids.  However, the connections are similar for all brands of 2-coil solenoids. Please follow the instructions that were supplied with your chosen solenoid brand for the exact position of the connections.

Ultra-Power mode—now there is no limit to how many solenoids can be changed at once. We tested twelve solenoids at once and never got close to reaching the limit! 

Just two wires can be connected to each three-wire point motor (like Peco, Hornby, Atlas or Seep) with the help of some diodes.

Ten diodes are supplied with each CDU but if you need additional ones they should be IN5400 50V 3 Amp or larger. Please take care to orient the diodes as shown. If the turnout solenoid changes in the opposite to way to your requirement just swap over the red and black wires at the push button switch, reverse the orientation of the two diodes ...or just swap the push button switches!

Improve the performance of two-wire solenoids like Kato and LGB. With CDU-2’s two internal CDUs linked, a common base wire is created that is both + and -with the two outer terminals becoming + and -in turn.

Warranty and Service. CDU-2 is guaranteed for 12 months from the date of purchase Should you experience any problems please disconnect the CDU-2 from the mains power and first check the condition of both the power lead and the mains fuse. Under no circumstances should unqualified persons attempt service of this mains-powered device.  If you need advice, help or further information at any time, please feel free to contact us.