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Switch machines

switch machines

Switchmaster SM1 Switchmaster Tm Switch Machines NZ$16.00
Circuitron 6100 Remote Tortoise Mount NZ$21.50
DCC Specialties The “Hare™” DCC Stationary Decoder NZ$20.00
DCC Specialties Tortoise & Hare Combo Switch Unit - 6 Pack NZ$299.00
Circuitron Xover Linking for use with 6100 NZ$12.00
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Caboose Industries 5202 HO Ground Throw Sprung NZ$27.00
Caboose Industries 220 HO Ground Throw Sprung NZ$9.80
Caboose Industries 119 Ground Throw Rigid HO/N NZ$11.20
Caboose Industries 117R Ground Throw Rigid HO NZ$6.80
Caboose Industries 105R N Scale Rigid Ground Throw NZ$7.00
Caboose Industries 109R HO Scale Rigid Stand Ground Throw NZ$9.00
Caboose Industries 103 HO Scale Ground Throw with Target NZ$12.00
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Caboose Industries 101 Ground Throw, Rigid NZ$7.00