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General figures.

Woodland Scenics A1867 Factory Workers - HO Scale NZ$24.20
Woodland Scenics Bare Hunter HO Scale Kit NZ$12.20
Woodland Scenics D202 Trackside Junk HO Scale Kit NZ$16.20
Woodland Scenics D210 Plow, Disc, Horse & Man HO Scale Kit NZ$20.30
Bowser O Gauge Candy Butcher NZ$9.50
Bowser O Gauge Conductor NZ$9.50
Bowser O Gauge Preacher NZ$9.50
Bowser O Gauge Woman With Broom NZ$9.50
Bowser O Seated Man Reading NZ$9.50
Bowser O workman Gardner Digging NZ$9.50
Bowser O Seated Hand On Knees NZ$9.50
Bowser O Old Man With Cane NZ$9.50
Bowser O Workman Swinging Pick NZ$9.50
Woodland Scenics A2759 O People Sitting NZ$38.50
Woodland Scenics A1862 Farm Horses - HO Scale NZ$24.80
Woodland Scenics A2733 O Engineers NZ$39.90
Model Power O Gauge Sitting Figures NZ$18.80
Model Power O Gauge Fat People NZ$18.80
Model Power O Gauge Steam Era People NZ$18.80
Model Power O Gauge Old Fashion Lamp Post NZ$24.60
Model Power O Gauge Work People NZ$24.90
Model Power O Gauge Farm Action People NZ$18.80
Model Power O Gauge Park Scenes NZ$18.80
Taking Orders
Model Power O Street People NZ$18.80
Model Power O Horses 4pcs NZ$18.80